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Locking Wheels

CV Locking Wheels are made to lock on to multiple rebar sizes from a #3 bar to a #6 bar. The points around the wheel create a minimal surface touch around the bar when it is installed, and our zip locking system holds the bar tightly in place to eliminate any chance of sliding. The CV Locking Wheels can be used for many concrete jobs and work such as precast structures, vaults, slabs and frames, foundations, bridges and much more.

What our Customers Say

At AGF our suppliers are more than just suppliers, they are also our partners. We cannot be experts in every field. When we are in need of a rebar support solution, we turn to CV Plastics to either provide us with a product from their existing and extensive line of plastic rebar supports, or to help us develop a new product that best responds to our particular requirements.

Pierre Colangelo, Procurement Manager, AGF Group

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