CV Slab Bolster Upper

CV Slab Bolster Upper is designed to be used in many applications ,to support double mat, Precast concrete, Tilt-Up concrete, & many cast-in-place projects.Suitable for rebar, & wire mesh.

CV Slab Bolster Upper are fabricated in 2.5ft. lengths. Two pieces are clipped together to form 5 ft.


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Product Spec List

SKUCoverBar sizelbs/BagQty/BagQty/BoxQty/Skid
CVSBU--251"-160 LFT (Packs)60 (PC/PALLET)1,500 (LBS/PALLET)9,600 LFT (PALLET)
CVSBU--401 1/2"-70 LFT (Packs)80 (PC/PALLET)900 (LBS/PALLET)5,600 LFT (PALLET)
CVSBU--502"-70 LFT (Packs)60 (PC/PALLET)900 (LBS/PALLET)4,200 LFT (PALLET)
CVSBU--632 1/2"-70 LFT (Packs)50 (PC/PALLET)900 (LBS/PALLET)3,500 LFT (PALLET)
CVSBU--753"-70 LFT (Packs)45 (PC/PALLET)900 (LBS/PALLET)3,150 LFT (PALLET)
CVSBU--1004"-30 LFT (Packs)60 (PC/PALLET)900 (LBS/PALLET)1,800 LFT (PALLET)