CV Locking Wheels

The CV Locking Wheels are made to lock on to multiple rebar sizes from a 10mm bar to a 20mm bar. The points around the wheel are designed to create minimal surface contact around the bar after installation. Our locking system holds the bar tightly in place to eliminate any chance of sliding.

The CV Locking Wheels can be used for many concrete jobs as well as precast structures, vaults, slabs and frames, foundations, bridges and much more.


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We service the USA

We also serve our southern neighbors. Our years of experience in the concrete industry will convince you of the quality of Canadian expertise in the field of construction. Contact us to learn how we can help you in your next project.

Product Spec List

SKU Cover Bar size lbs/Bag Qty/Bag Qty/Box Qty/Skid
CVWL - 25 1" Mesh -13 32 - 1200 24 000
CVWL-40 1 1/2" 10mm - 20mm 25 - 400 8000
CVWL-50 2" 10mm - 20mm 25 - 250 5000
CVWL -75 3" 10 -- 25 21 - 100 2 000

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